The Asian Studies Program at Lehigh gives students in any college within Lehigh an opportunity to study the dynamic and rich cultural heritages of Asian societies, and to understand their impact on the past, present, and future of our world. Our interdisciplinary faculty offer courses and conduct research that expands understanding of Asian societies in global context, and deepens awareness of Asian and Asian American histories and experiences within the United States.

Our program focuses on the major cultural areas of East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the Himalayan region, including histories, languages, religions, societies, politics, literature, the arts, and media, past and present.

The Major and Minor in Asian Studies are intended to enhance student preparation for careers in a wide range of fields, including finance, health, journalism, media, international relations, politics, environmental sciences, literature, the arts, and engineering.

Lehigh Chinese Bridge Project located in Sayre Park off of Upper Sayre Park Road. 

Contact Program Director 

Dr. Annabella Pitkin, Director and Academic Advisor, Asian Studies Program
31 Williams Hall, Room 195 | 610-758-3372 | anp515@lehigh.edu